The Marciano Art Foundation was established by Maurice and Paul Marciano to grant the public access to the Marciano Art Collection through presentations of rotating, thematic exhibitions housed in a permanent exhibition space in Los Angeles.

The collection contains works by well-established, mid-career and emerging artists, predominantly from the 1990s to present. It is the Marcianos’ desire to share such forward-thinking and dynamic artworks with Los Angeles—their home for the past 35 years—as well as with the rest of the world. By opening up their collection to the public, it is their hope that the public will be inspired to appreciate and engage in the transformative power of contemporary art.

Transformation of the temple’s former Ladies’ Lounge into MAF’s Lounge Gallery

The experimental approach MAF embraces, allows the foundation to continuously re-imagine itself and change shape in response to new developments in the world of contemporary art. Experimentation and evolution are two of the core values embedded in the conception of the foundation. Maurice and Paul have carried these ideas through from the very beginning by transforming a unique building that is historic and meaningful to the Los Angeles community—a former Scottish Rite Masonic Temple built by Millard Sheets in 1961—into a public space for exhibiting contemporary art. Not only does the Foundation provide a venue to display the collection publicly, it also serves as an experimental forum for artists to develop new concepts, installations, and exhibitions.

There is an undeniable vibrancy of artistic activity in Los Angeles, especially strong in the past decade, that MAF strives to enhance and contribute to through its unique programming and vision. MAF implements this through thoughtful presentations of the Collection, innovative commissions, site-specific installations, and the development of an active educational program for students of all ages. One of the aims of MAF’s programs is to teach the audience how to look at contemporary art and ideas at large with open minds and to embrace the questions they give rise to with thoughtfulness and curiosity.

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