School Visit Request Form

School Visit Request

Genesis is a STEAM education non-profit. Accurate information about the demographics that we serve is essential to our grant writing and reporting. Please provide as much information as possible.
Class Information

When would you like to visit?
The Genesis STEAM lab program has 4 sessions each week, three mornings and one afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The morning sessions can be scheduled to begin at 10:00am and must end by 1:00 pm. The afternoon sessions can begin at 2pm and must end by 5:30 pm.

Visit Length
Genesis at MAF recommends a three-hour visit, but we're happy to accommodate your schedule. Groups larger than 30, should plan for a two-hour visit minimum.

School Information & Bus Scholarship Application

(Currently, only LAUSD Title I schools are eligible to apply for bus scholarships. Thanks for your understanding!)

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