Photo: Amy Lombard.

Past Event

The Bookstore at MAF Presents: Readings by Alissa Bennett and John Marr

  • January 13, 2018 | 6:30pm

Photo courtesy John Marr.

The Bookstore at MAF is pleased to present readings by Alissa Bennett and John Marr, two writers who explore the tragic and macabre, specifically through their respective zines, Dead is Better and Murder Can Be Fun. Bennett, whose essays profile deceased celebrities, will be sharing two such pieces and Marr will read excerpts from his work chronicling tragic accidents, including the morbidly comical Death at Disneyland.

This reading marks the first occasion where Bennett and Marr will present their work together and will be followed by a zine signing.

Photo: Amy Lombard.

Alissa Benett, a New York-based writer and Team Gallery director, has published I Expected Something Nice, the fourth in a series of zines containing open, personal, poignant essays and letters written in the second person to criminals, tragic celebrities, and the infamous. Within them, she aims to understand, through empathy and reflection, our collective obsession with death, pop culture, and tragedy.


Photo courtesy John Marr.

John Marr, a San Francisco-based writer, self-published twenty issues of his unique zine Murder Can Be Fun from 1986 until 2007. Long considered a classic, MCBF set itself apart from the pack by featuring an array of thoroughly researched, sardonic essays and reviews exploring little-known tragedies, true crime, obscure disasters, oddball mayhem, and obsession with the written word.

Photos courtesy Alissa Bennett and John Marr.

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