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Loan Requests

The Marciano Art Foundation considers written loan requests from accredited institutions, or those whose facilities are similarly qualified. The borrowing institution is required to cover all costs related to packing, transporting, handling and insuring the artworks in transit to and from all venues and during exhibition of the works. Requests are considered on an individual basis. For all loan requests, please contact our Registrar, at

Rights and Reproductions

The Foundation’s photographic archives include digital images of nearly all works in the Collection, which can be provided to institutions borrowing artwork(s) or for publications. Publishers, writers, museums and universities may utilize the Foundation’s archive of visual information by submitting a written request for the loan of photographic material and/or permission to reproduce images of artworks which are in the Foundation Collection. In exchange for the loan of photographic material, the Foundation often asks that the publisher provide a complimentary copy of the publication in which the Foundation-owned artwork appears. Letters of request should include the name of the publication, its intended distribution, and its prospective publication date.

For photographic archival information, please contact our image archivist, at